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Right Brain Speaking & Executive Sessions: For High Creative Energy & New Innovative Brain Power

Right Brain Business Motivational Speaking & Private Executive Strategy Sessions -- Doing Impossible Things, with Sandra H. Rodman. Great for Executives or any team -- Major Corporations or Innovators & Start Ups -- or associations, events, small regional businesses -- even Sports Teams. Developing multi-dimensional intelligence and not like sessions you've experienced... What's important to you? You may discover new life views & goals with right brain sessions?

See also: "Right Brain Aerobics for Innovators: 5 Ways Right Brain Aerobics Training Can Improve Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Leadership, for Higher Return on Mental Investment" (ROMI)

The Quest for the Peak "Aha!" experience...

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You set the budget/exchange for each session!
Dial-in Sessions from anywhere - or Live-In-Person
in Seattle/Portland Region

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Founder, Right Brain Aerobics for Innovation & Creativity, Right Brain Think Tank TeleWorkshops, The 1000 Year Business Plan, The Idea Factory, and author, 2 Volume Right Brain Aerobics Training Manuals. Innovative Scale: YOU set the budget or exchange for the each session. A "sharing economy" approach. 

Our Goal: Make Right Brain Aerobics for Business, Innovation, Creativity available to help anyone anywhere in a way that is most productive for you. If we can accommodate it and the schedule works, we'll do it. We'll work with you to make it happen. We LOVE doing sessions.
Featured for Information Technology Senior Senior Management Forum's "Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal" & Association of Internal Management Consultants. Former VP, Technology/Strategy, Merrill Lynch, & Sr. Dir., AT&T Wireless reporting to CIO, head of IT. Decades as Strategic Learning System Trainer. Former Director, Phoenix House Foundation/Program Development, former Board Member Transition Whidbey for Sustainability; Mirror Theater; Potters Field Theater Company, NYC.
Right Brain Aerobics & Sessions with Sandra Rodman have been conducted for executives from Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, CNN/TBS, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Information Technology Senior Management Forum, Association of Internal Management Consultants, SP Strategies (GPX), CSX, Stevenson University as well as medical professionals, coaches, best-selling authors, artists, technologists, engineers, teachers, metaphysical explorers...
What people are saying about Sandra Rodman and Doing Impossible Things with Right Brain Aerobics: 
"A brilliant set of practices..." V.C., Training Consultant 
"Wow, I didn't want it to end..."  S.L., Medical Consultant. 
"I never had so many ideas..." M.S., Software HP. 
"My brain is working, my brain is working!" B.J., Engineering, Microsoft. 
"Can we go again?"... B.P., Counselling. 
"Out of the box thinking? The lady has no box..." J.H., CTO. 
WHOLE PAGE of testimonials: Right Brain Aerobics-at-a-Glance with Testimonials... -- and Right Brain Aerobics, extensive corporate testimonials right column...
Or Book a Session with another of the Right Brain Aerobics Trainers - Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C., or Victoria Castle. 

More than Speaking: Right Brain Aerobics session can hit your bottom line every time. Motivation + Learning Techniques in every session to use to boost career, projects, organization -- learning to pull for highest creative genius from every team, regardless of project or mindset. 

One "Aha!" Idea from a session can result in $thousands or $millions. One "Aha!" insight to change your life: Priceless.

Or: Schedule a Private Executive Right Brain Business Strategy Session -- confidential deep dive for higher creative intelligence sessions, practice tapping/expanding your highest intuition and right brain/left brain strategy techniques. Fantastic for starting new projects or shifting to new innovation thinking when stuck. 

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You set the budget/exchange for each session!
Dial-in Sessions from anywhere - or Live-In-Person
in Seattle/Portland Region.

What Happens? Who's It For?

Spark new ideas right away, using brain/mind in a different way -- "alpha state" -- with sound -- to tap higher creative intelligence and intuition -- techniques to generate creative ideas "on the fly," get unstuck and into completely new territory, using brain power in new ways. 

For Executives, Divisions, Teams, Organizations, Professional Services and Small Businesses, Chambers & Clubs, Associations, Universities -- any group or organization or project, any topic.  From HR & Diversity (extensive diversity presentations) to Technology & Engineering (15+ years working in executive tech management/innovation)

>> Excite creative intelligence and breakthrough thinking in your organization or company! Spark higher innovative thinking & brain power for everyone.  Are we just scratching the surface of human creative intelligence potential?! 
>> Right Brain Motivational Speaking/Training is about exciting and energizing everyone on your team, every level with doing impossible things using new brain/mind power. What if everyone in your organization began to tap "higher creative genius" at the same time?... Yowza...  Wait a minute. What is "higher creative genius"? 
>> Is the potential for every team or group much higher than you think? Activating the other 90% of creative brainpower... -- for your corporation, small business, community group, team... 
What's the $value of even 1 great breakthrough right brain "aha!" idea!? Of one "aha!" insight that can change your life? Priceless...

National Motivational Speaker/Trainer/Author -- for corporate & association programs...

From Major Corporations to small regional businesses and non-profit sliding scale offerings...private small group offerings... Get creative...
Selected for the Information Technology Senior Management Forum's (ITSMF) "Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal"
...featured by the Association of Internal Management Consultants and for Hewlett Packard educational programs 
... Right Brain Aerobics has been conduted for Microsoft, CNN/TBS, Hewlett Packard, Pittsburgh Public Schools, GP Strategies (GPX), CSX, Stevenson University, Bastyr University, as well as start up leaders, entrepreneurs, associations, authors, artists, musicians, small businesses, health professionals, senior centers, libraries in the Pacific Northwest.


Follow @SHRodman on Twitter (3400+).
or Call/Text 425-214-2926
You set the budget/exchange for each session!
Dial-in Sessions from anywhere - or Live-In-Person
in Seattle/Portland Region

"I wanted to let you know how relevant and applicable the 'right brain' training we received during the ITSMF conference in Orlando has been.  I am responsible for facilitating the weekly superintendent cabinet meeting and implemented the 'right brain' exercise as part of our regular agenda." Mark T. Campbell, formerly CIO, Pittsburgh Public Schools

How? What kind of Motivational Speaking/Training?

Right Brain Speaking/Training -- for an hour or all day -- is experiential. We interact and your activated creative genius is the powerful key... We use "alpha state" sound to enable deeper mental visioning & new creative "sparks"... 

  • In-Person 
  • TeleSpeaking 
  • Skype or Web Video Speaking
  • Self-Training Packages 

Provided for participants: eArticles, PDFs, instructions for ongoing self-training for career/business achievement and innovation.
Such as "Right Brain Meetings Checklist" and "Left Brain / Right Brain Strategies Checklist" -- for quick boost in creative, energized performance -- like those on this page created for Right Brain Think Tank -- like...
"Right Brain Aerobics for Innovators: 5 Ways Right Brain Aerobics Training Can Improve Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Leadership, for Higher Return on Mental Investment" (ROMI)


"We don't see with our eyes. We see with our beliefs." @SHRodman on Twitter

More than Motivational Speaking 

Beyond speaking... Jump Starting Creativity & Innovation -- and "right brain-storming" new ideas "on the fly" during the session. 1 great idea can be worth $thousands or more to an organization or team.

Beyond speaking... Learning to use techniques daily to access "inner genius" & higher creative mind/brain differently, using sound to spark deep mental focus, lower stress. 

Beyond speaking... Training is included in every session even short speaking engagements -- providing all participants with eBooklets & PDFs for ongoing self-development with daily practice exercises, how to use right brain techniques for problem-solving and higher levels of career achievement.

Sessions of Motivational Speaking/Trainer can range from 90 minutes to full days of training.

Affordable: We're creative with pricing. Special arrangements could surprise you and make this available for everyone.

Follow @SHRodman on Twitter (3400+).
or Call/Text 425-214-2926
You set the budget/exchange for each session!
Dial-in Sessions from anywhere - or Live-In-Person
in Seattle/Portland Region


EXAMPLES OF TOPICS -- or pick your own!

Drawn from 7 decades -- in fields ranging from creative executive technology management & C-Level strategy -- to innovations in strategic learning, training and rehabilitation, creative theater arts and advanced consciousness training through Right Brain Think Tank and The 1000 Year Business Plan and Beyond Cosmic Mind.

Right Brain Aerobics is...extensive mind-power exercises, techniques, checklists in 7 Components developed over a decade -- as well as creative "right brain-storming" new ideas on the fly using the brain/mind intuitively, "seeing ahead of the curve." RBA-at-a-Glance.


  • "Doing Impossible Things with Right Brain Aerobics"  Can you double revenue and clients -- or solve completely "impossible" problems with a quantum leap in thinking? Let's try it!

  • "Unleash Higher Creative Intelligence & Inner Genius with Right Brain Aerobics" - Are you using a small percentage of your organization's brain/mind power? What would happen if you had the steps to access a completely unexpected higher intelligence? You can! 

  • "Right Brain Aerobics & The 1000 Year Business Plan" -- Is short-term thinking stopping true visionary quantum leaps in innovation -- or blocking a new perception of how your field is changing? How can organization, career, and clients benefit from new insight and quantum leaps that occur with longer-term understanding of your field... as you look at the crazier ideas that will pop up as you try to write your "1000 Year Business Plan" & learn how to create with the right brain...

  • "Right Brain Aerobics for Innovation for Women"

  • "Doing Impossible Things with Right Brain Aerobics" for Diversity Networks, Chief Diversity Officers

  • "Right Brain Mind Power at Any Age" -- techniques to increase mind/brain power at every age -- a special program popular with those who want creative, resilient mind-power in every decade of life...

  • Topics from the above, targeting your specific goal and event...

  • More inspiration for topics may be drawn from the extensive materials in:
  1. The 1000 Year Business Plan Blog
  2. Right Brain Think Tank: Extensive Self-Training Articles/Materials 
  3. Right Brain Blogs
  4. "The Power of Right Brain Aerobics," Volumes 1 & 2 (600 pages) 

See also: @SHRodman on Twitter for Additional Topics inspiration.



  • Small teams, members, groups, clients, offsites -- or individual Motivational Training.
  • Large corporations and organizations...
...such as those engagements conducted for Hewlett Packard, Information Technology Senior Management Forum members and Board of Directors, Association of Internal Management Consultants Members, Pittsburgh Schools cabinet and leaders, 
  • Small Businesses/StartUps/Associations in Seattle/NW Region at special sliding scale rates.
  • Community Centers, Non-Profits, Libraries, Senior Centers in Seattle/NW Region at special non-profit rates.

Right Brain Counseling Approaches

"With Right Brain Aerobics, the inner genius of each individual as well as the collective genius of everyone in the organization will surprise and delight with amazing ideas and dreams previously thought impossible. Brainstorming sessions have resulted in samplings of how ping-ponging off each other’s ideas takes teams to higher places faster." -- Maya Hennessey,Maya Hennessey & Associates. Named by Counselor Magazine as one of the top 60 woman making a difference.

Follow @SHRodman on Twitter (3400+).
or Call/Text 425-214-2926
You set the budget/exchange for each session!

Dial-in Sessions from anywhere - or Live-In-Person
in Seattle/Portland Region


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